Questions most asked

Here are some questions and answers on how to use the range of our safes, cupboards and compartmental column in your environment and try to solve some of the problems encountered.

What are the guarantees of my product?

All products benefit from a manufacturer's warranty, which lasts one year against all manufacturing defects and not against misuse.

How to contact the After Sales Service?

By email : klarrion@klarrion.com or technique@klarrion.com

By phone: +216 98 128.781 or +216 71 434.255

PS: Please indicate with reference your invoice number and product reference.

Is there a unique combination that will open all the safes?

No, there is no single combination that will open all of the safes.

I lost all security keys, can I get a duplicate copy?

  • It is impossible to recover the marking of your key because our device ensures that this key can never be duplicated.
  • If the safe is open, you will need to change the mechanical lock.
  • If the safe is locked, contact our service on +216 98 128.781

When I enter the suit, no light comes on.

Light the trunk outside using the cable provided during your installation, use a battery holder with AA batteries and 2 new AA alkaline batteries, and finally enter your combination. Do not use any universal power supplies or power supplies connected to the mains.

After entering the suit, the red light stays on for about a minute and I still can't open my trunk

  • You entered the wrong combination.
  • If the trunk is open, reset it.
  • If the safe is locked, contact our service on +216 98 128.781

Can I use a universal power supply or power supplies connected to the mains to power the trunk outside?

No, because the voltage supplied by power supplies of this type is generally higher than the voltage of the safe, so that they could damage the electronic card.